Vampire is a noble race in monster world.


The Vampires appears like Humans.


  • Their are a noble race in Monster World.
  • Their also one of the dangerous race.
  • They were gifted in knowledge and power.
  • They are the race that not trustworthy because they only think about only themselves.
  • They are not making any kind of deals to anyone not even in their own kind.


Normal AbilitiesEdit

  • Floating - The ability to fly into midair.
  • Scatter - The ability to divide the vampire into bats.
  • Control - The abilty to manipulate the target.
  • Familliar Bats - They can use and give orders to bats.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Cresent Moon - When the moon is in crescent form the abilities of a vampire will increase.

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