Motel Sasanaki Guest 4


Name Unknown
Jp name Unknown
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Black
Personal Information
Status Deceased (Killed by That)
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives No Relatives
Group Normal Civilians
Manga CH10 Princess Secret Room
Anime EP8 Princess Secret Room
OVA No Appearance
Japanese Unknown Seiyu
English Unknown Seiyu
He was one of the guests in the motel when Zeppeli release That. He's the fourth victim of That.


He wears eyeglasses.


Episodes were this character appear.

Ep#8 Princess Locked RoomEdit

  • Princess Locked Room
  • Guest#4 and the other guest sitting on the couch
  • Guest#4 and the others see Guest#1 dead body
  • Guest#4 and the others see Guest#3 dead body
  • Guest#4 thinking if it is a transmitted desease or something
  • Guest#4 hear the little girl named Yuki that she see a big spider
  • Guest#4 and the others form a search team
  • Guest#4 and Guest#2 arguing
  • Guest#4 and the others witness That appear
  • Guest#4 shivering
  • Guest#4 arguing with Guest#2
  • Guest#4 trembling crazy
  • Guest#4 face after That take over his body
  • That left Guest#4 body

When Hime and the others enter the salon he was seen sitting on the couch reading his book. Several minutes later he also hear the scream and see the dead body of a fat bald guy(Guest#1).

He was also there when the second victim been killed. He suspect that maybe it was a transmitted desease, but suddenly a girl name Yuki tell that she see a giant spider and afterwards they form a search team. Moments later after he and Guest#2 fight, Yuki's mother Guest#5 went to them and witness That leaving her body.

In the salon he was seen trembling for fear and thinking that maybe one of them is already been taken by That and after he have a fight again with Guest#2 he's body suddenly shaking like crazy and then reveal that the giant spider called That leaving his body.