Motel Sasanaki Guest 3


Name Unknown
Jp name Unknown
Hair Color brown
Eye Color black
Personal Information
Status Deceased (Killed by That)
Race Human
Gender Female
Relatives No Relatives
Group Normal Civilians
Manga CH10 Princess Secret Room
Anime EP8 Princess Secret Room
OVA No Appearance
Japanese Unknown
English Unknown
She is one of the guests of the motel when That attack. She is the second victim of That.


She wears a violet shirt.


Episodes were this character appear.

  • Princess Locked Room
  • Guest#3 seen dead

She was seen in the Salon Room when Hime and the others enters. When Guest#2 try to talk to Hime and the other girls she ask him what is he doing and suddenly they hear someone scream.

She saw Gueats#1 dead body laying in the floor.

Moments later she's the next victim who die in the Motel.


The relationship of this character to the other characters.

Motel Guest#2

In the Anime she seem to have a romantic relationship to him.

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