Anime EpisodesEdit



  1. Princess Resurrection
  2. Princess Destruction
  3. Princess Rampage
  4. Princess Negotiation
  5. Princess Bloodline
  6. Princess Alliance
  7. Princess Electricity
  8. Princess Secret Room
  9. Princess Monochrome
  10. Princess Recollections
  11. Princess Cat-Tongue
  12. Princess Attrition
  13. Princess Sacrifice
  14. Princess Running
  15. Princess Visiting
  16. Princess Succession
  17. Princess Maturity
  18. Princess Hunter
  19. Princess Ocean
  20. Princess Connection
  21. Princess Banishment
  22. Princess Carnage
  23. Princess Zombie
  24. Princess Duel

Extra EpisodesEdit

25. Princess Delinquent

26. Princess Coma

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